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At Lancaster Chiropractic Care our goal is to give you a better quality of life. We have established a reputation in the Lancaster community for providing outstanding service with proven results.

Please fill out our contact form and let us know a little more about you and the problems you're facing. We will get back in touch with you very promptly with our suggestions so we can setup your free consultation.

About Us 

Pain relief and your overall body health is just around the corner when you visit Lancaster Chiropractic Care. Taking care of your core body structure is so neglected. Your spine is the backbone and cornerstone of your body. If you avoid taking care of it than it can cause many other serious health problems down the road.

Do you want to be able to play with your kids or grandkids and not have back or neck pain? How about walking your dog and not being able to lean down without having back pain? Whatever your situation, we will personally evaluate your condition with our equipment and computer software to give you the best blue print of your body to give you the necessary steps to eliminating your issues.


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    Our Services

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    Are you sick of living with back, neck or just any kind of joint pain? The professionals at Lancaster Chiropractic Care will start with creating a blueprint of your body structure and creating a customized solution and plan to eliminate the pain and regain your health. We use the most advanced computer equipment to map out a blueprint of your body structure to see the source of your problem and how to correct it.


    Spinal analysis

    We treat a variety of patients from chronic neck pain to lower back pain and anywhere in between. Our spinal analysis will get to the root cause of your pain and give you a solution.


    In many cases your postural structure is one of the main solutions to solving your musculoskeletal pain. If your muscles are too tight from not stretching enough it can cause nervous system issues and in result create more pain in your joints and ligaments.


    We see many cases with people who come in from accidents. From broken bones or torn ligaments. You name it, we can help relieve the pain associated with your accident. If you want a more conservative method to your symptoms, we will help make the appropriate corrections.

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    Pain & Symptoms Relief Care
    Spinal & Extremity Adjustments
    Posture Rebuilding Care

    Bone & Joint Pain

    This is the biggest reason people come in for chiropractic adjustments. You have some sort of bone or joint pain, whether it's in your neck, back, shoulders, arms or legs. An overall alignment is crucial to minimizing pain. When you synchronize all aspects of your body with our plans you will see amazing results!

    Weight Loss Programs

    With the help of a dietician, we have developed some weight loss diet programs specifically designed to help you with joint pain. The diet is based around a Mediterranean diet high in Omega 3 fatty acids to help assist with inflammation.

    Exercise & Fitness Programs

    If you take your health seriously you can't count out exercise to be have a physically fit and strong body. You need to consider every aspect of your body. If you want more than just an alignment, we can help with our programs that are set in place to help give you a better quality of life.

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    Contact Us Today

    Our number one goal is to serve you and improve the condition of your life. We strive to find a solution and improve your quality of life. Some people require more treatments than others and your personalized roadmap we create will help get you there and we know you'll start feeling the results immediately.

    My husband and I came started coming here last year and I have felt so much better since. We started a posture rebuilding program and definitely notice a difference! - Abby B.

    After coming for awhile and realizing how important this was to my health I took it seriously and started the diet and weight loss program. Since I've been losing weight and getting routine alignments I feel like I did when I was in my 20's again.  - Laura S.

    I got my mom a gift certificate to go here and now she's hooked! She says it makes her feel so good and that she loves the relief. -Barry M. 

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